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Personalize Needlepoint Bunny Keychain Keyring
Unique first of its kind by its creator of Color Me Happy Needlepoint Canvas. Stylish awesome needlepoint keychain, keyring, jewelry accessory decoration. Personalize it with a natural gemstone and gold letter initial. Can easily be clipped onto pocketbooks, handbags, purse, book bags, carry bags or wear it around your neck as a necklace.

SUPPLIES NEEDED: Canvas threads, needle & thread, nail polish, and a hot glue gun if you don't already have one. Here's a link to a inexpensive low temp mini glue gun. Works great and if you're careful doesn't burn your fingers like the other ones. Surebonder Ultra Low Temperature Cool Shot Mini Glue Gun

NOTE: We used a unstitched canvas to film the videos below for immediate viewing purposes with no audio. You need to stitch your canvas first.

To play the video, click the red square. To enlarge it, click the square next to the word "youtube". Click it again to return back. (At the end of each video other displayed videos are youtube ads).

1) After you stitch your canvas, cut the excess canvas away leaving about a 1/2" circular border. TIP: if you have some fingernail polish laying around (or pick up a bottle at the dollar store) paint around the canvas edge. This will help prevent it from fraying.

2) Then fold the canvas, including a small portion of the design, and press firmly with your fingers, going all around the canvas 4-5 times. The canvas will become less stiff, more flexible and more easily form a circle when you pull the threads. Next sew a line of stitches around the canvas like in the video and remove the needle. Pull your threads firmly against the felt circle to form your 2" circle and tie 2 knots. Lay it on the pendant and if any part goes over the pendant edge, flip the canvas over and pull the edge in a little tighter and glue.

3) Next glue the canvas to the pendant. Position the canvas where you want it, keeping your fingers on it, lift a small section and put 3 beads of glue about 1/8" back from the pendant edge*. Press down firmly and hold for 15-20 seconds. As it cools the glue hardens very quickly. If you remove your fingers too soon it will not adhere to the pendant. Keep your fingers on the glued section, turn the pendant and lift the unglued canvas and apply more beads of glue just like in the video. Press and hold 15-20 seconds.

*NOTE: If you put the glue on the pendant edge it will squish out the front of the canvas which you do not want. Once the glue hardens its very difficult to remove. IF you have a tiny bead on the outside of the canvas you may be able to remove it by holding the tip of the hot glue gun on it a few seconds to soften and remove it that way.

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